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EPDM Solar Energy Swimming Pool Heating Mat

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Swimming Pool & SPA Solar Heating collector, Solar Swimming pool heating collector.
  • M030
  • EPDM
  • 0.67*3m; 0.67*4.5m;0.67*6m;1.33*3m; 1.33*4.5m;1.33*6m;
  • black...

Cold water was drawn from swimming pool or SPA center and driven through the solar collector

Solar collector absorb the Sunshine and transit solar energy into cold water .

Cold water will be heated while flow through solar collector

Hot water will be driven into the swimming pool or SPA center

Installation Condition :

Solar collector shall be installed facing the sun in order to achieve maximum efficiency ,South or East Oriented , 30 degree higher than the floor

Solar collectors shall expose at least 6 hours in the sun in order to achieve best efficient

Bigger projects area will make better efficient .


Necessary Tools:

Drilling Machine /Extruding machine/Mini wallpaper roller /screw driver /Hacksaw Blade

Applicable Accessories :Boosting pump/Solar Controller /Check valve

Main Characteristic :

Solar collector is environmentally friendly, generate clean energy , no harm to environment

Enables you double time to enjoy the SPA or swimming pool

Solar collector works only with Sunshine, no extra costs for energy

Package : All the solar mats were loaded in the 4m2 square cartons,include all the necessary fittings that attach the solar collector to the roof or lawn

Package and parts included

Installation  instruction

How to calculate how much collector you need :

Suggested installation area should be minimum of 75% area of swimming pool

For Example Rectangle Pool

L*W*D   8m*4m*1.5m

So the total volume of the swimming pool  


Suggested minimum installation area : 75% of the cover area , the swimming pool area 48*0.75=36m2

Normally the solar collector shall face south

Minimum expose in the sun for 6 hours

Many colors to be chosen

Other colors expect Black , cost will be higher .


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